English speaking course

Do you want to improve your spoken English?  Every Tuesday and Thursday of this coming June Vennmón language exchanges offers you the possibility to improve your oral English with a qualified native teacher.

Catalan/Spanish speakers have rich and beautiful accents, we don’t want to change that! But, in order to make our pronunciation more understandable, we need to learn how to make the typical  sounds of English. In this course, beyond learning to do these sounds, we will learn how to do better presentations, native expressions and carry out activities that involve reading and memorizing small texts. The course is interactive, with games and open conversations.

We want you to improve your English focusing on this often neglected aspect of the language: PRO-NUN-CI-A-TION!

Those who are interested can choose to complete the entire course, four weeks, or you can choose the weeks that interest you. Each week of the course costs € 59 and has a duration of 6 hours. Payments will be made until Friday prior to the weekly class that you have chosen. For more information contact us by filling the following form.



Week 1. Tuesday 4th and Thursday 6th June.

  • Introduction to the course and pronunciation
  • Student evaluations
  • Phonetic exercises
  • Introduction to the phoneme graph
  • Common mistakes for Spanish speakers
  • Students will record themselves reading a text with which they have become acquainted


Week 2. Tuesday 11th and Thursday 13th June.

  • Listen and repeat exercises
  • Identify the accents of English-speaking countries
  • Imitation sounds
  • Pronunciation of the vowels


Week 3. Tuesday 18th and Thursday 20th June.

  • Preparations for presentations
  • Reading aloud
  • Quick read
  • Assessment of habits
  • Pronunciation of the consonants


Week 4. Tuesday 25th and Thursday 27th June.

  • Pronunciation of the vowels and consonants
  • Students will be recorded and will play the text they are familiar with
  • Record reviews and comparisons between before and now
  • Student presentations
  • State: ACTIU
  • Date: Every Tuesday and Thursday of june 2019
  • Schedule: 09:30 to 12:30 h
  • Contribution: 59€ setmanals
  • Deadline day of booking: The week before starting the course
  • Capacity: 07 people
  • Language: English
  • Meeting point: Contact us by e-mail


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