Welcome to Vennmón

Vennmón offers you the possibility to practice the languages you have already learned or, if you’re just beginning, to take the first steps. However, our association is more than this. It opens the door to knowledge, knowledge that comes as a result of the synergies between people from different countries and with a different cultural background and it gives us the opportunity to learn together in a relaxed environment.

What does Vennmón mean?

A lot of people ask us: What does the name Vennmón mean? And why this name? Well, Vennmón is formed by two words: ‘Venn’ and the Catalan word for ‘world’.

The second word doesn’t need too much explanation. It’s the set of created concepts and things: ice cream on the bar terrace, hot dogs, drinking beer made with potatoes, pepper cookies, welcoming hugs, etc., the world basically.

The first word, ‘Venn’ is in reference to John Venn (1834-1923). This English mathematician and philosopher was especially famous for developing the symbolic theory of George Boole and creating what was to be known as the Venn diagram. Through colour circles, this diagram shows the relationships between a set of elements, where we can easily see the common part of the set, represented by the intersection of the circles.

Vennmón is this intersection – it shows us that different cultures, traditions and customs always have something in common and, based on this starting point, we are already closer to not just learning a new language but also to learning about a new culture.

Creating a new circle or event

Step 1: If you are interested in creating a new circle (a new language exchange) or an event, please contact us at info@vennmon.com and provide the following information: your name, telephone number and the language or event of your choice.  

Step 2: We will then inform you through our website and social network (Facebook and  Instagram) of the creation of new cercles and events.

Step 3: You can now go to your language exchange and share an enjoyable experience with your new companions.