6Th Vennmón anniversary dinner

What comes to mind when you hear (with a clear and tender voice): -Congratulations!?

For us, with  a smile on our face it means a lot of images of people, anniversaries,  achievements, improvements, weddings, important moments of joy that we keep in the best places of our minds.


On the 05th of April, on the occasion of the fifth anniversary, we will congratulate Vennmón linguistic exchanges and that is why we are finishing the small details to enjoy this memorable evening with you and for you, that’s the reason why we are doing this beautiful project.


6th anniversary menu at Palermo




  • Bravas
  • Red tuna tartar with strawberry
  • Veal carpaccio
  • mushrooms with goat chesse




Fish grill (for 2 people)

Veal “Chuletón” (for 2 people)



Ice cream and cakes

coffees, the, wine (Montsant), water,


We’re waiting for you to toast with all of us!.

  • State: ACTIVE
  • Date: 05th April  2019
  • Hour: 21.45 h
  • Day limit reservation: 02th  April 2019
  • Contribution: 29,75€ €
  • Places: 30 people
  • Language: Multilingual
  • Meeting point: Carrer Mallorca 280, 08037 Barcelona.


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