Christmas Dinner

As you know, Vennmón celebrates the latest gastronomic event of the year with Christmas dinner. This, besides being special to be the last one, is characteristic to look for (even more) an enjoyable gastronomic experience with your colleagues in the language exchanges, friends and family.

The restaurant we have chosen this year is La Lluna. An unbeatable place, a quality kitchen and careful attention to detail are important ingredients to enjoy a good evening. Now, the desire to have fun, to practice different languages are ingredients that you can only contribute. To put the cherry on the cake we have thought of a small gift.

We hope we can share this day with all of you.

Small gift + welcome glass of cava


  • Spread paste with feta cheese, sweet tomato and black olives-basil pesto
  • Balanzoni filled with salmon with cream of saffron and dill oil
  • Quiche of vines and pumpkin with guacamole, red mojo and kikos powder (without gluten)
  • Sweet and sour eggplant with Japanese onion, apple, canonges and goji berries


  • Cod gratin with muslin with garlic confit and gratin of potatoes (without gluten)
  • Low-temperature beef flake with Paris coffee sauce and trinxat de la Cerdanya (without gluten)
  • Leg of lamb with potato parmentier, rosemary sauce and mint oil (without gluten)
  • Rooster de Sant Pere with cream of peas-citronella, green asparagus and vanilla oil (without gluten)


  • Pineapple soup with coconut ice cream
  • Chocolate brownies with English cream and banana sorbet (Gluten Free)
  • Egg flame with Jixona cream and crumble cocoa-cinnamon (without gluten)
  • Carrot cake with cream of green tea and ginger ice cream


  • Red wine, white wine, beer, water, coffes 
  • Welcome glass of cava
  • State: DONE
  • Date: 20th of December 2019
  • Hour: 20.30 h
  • Day limit reservation: 12th  December 2019
  • Contribution: 30 €
  • Places: 30 people 
  • Language: Multilingual
  • Meeting point: La Lluna restaurant, Santa Anna Street, 20, 08002 Barcelona


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