History of Barcelona (I)

We propose you a walk in several stages (several days) where you will know the history of Barcelona walking among the different monuments and vestiges that explain it. We will try to follow a chronological thread, but it will not be quite possible since the monuments, of course, are not located in chronological order.

Barcelona has more than two thousand years. Its history is complex, it is the history of a city that has suffered but has always been able to move forward. Perhaps the highlight of the two thousand years of Barcelona is its ability to survive, so it was necessary to have an open mind and be proud of itself, hence its energy has been born.

The first stage will be from the beginning to the Middle Ages. That is, from the first century BC until about 1,100, just when the name Catalonia appears written in chronicles. We could say that it is the stage that goes from its foundation by the Romans to its consolidation as the capital of a country that is called Catalonia. We will move from Barkeno to Barcino, Barcinona and Barcelona

At this stage, we will know the treasures hidden by Barcino that will justify building one of the strongest walls of a city of the Roman Empire. We will know that in 414 Barcelona it was already the capital of the Visigothic territories. We will know what was the riskiest profession in the Visigoths’ time. We will know how names of women are well visible from the beginning in the history of Barcelona, but we will speak of the special role of two women, Ermesenda and Almodis de la Marca, in the formation of Catalonia, Average age We will talk about a movie love story -but real- that has not yet come to the movies. We will explain how the tomb of Santa Eulalia was found. We will know what were the Usages and the treaties of Peace and Truce. We will talk about water and cemeteries, forks and burglars. We will explain why Catalonia’s toughest feudalism was imposed in Catalonia. And because we were pioneers in giving impulse to an incipient bourgeoisie (protoburgesia)

  • State: DONE
  • Date: 2nd September, 2017
  • Time: From 10.00 to 11.30h
  • Contribution: 6€
  • Places: 12 persones
  • Language: Català/Castellà
  • Meeting point:  Plaça de Ramon Berenguer el Gran, near the subway exit of “JAUME I”

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