History of Barcelona II

Exploring the history of Barcelona II


We will leave the historical point from where we left, just at the end of the Muslim occupation in 801 a.C.

In this second tour we will talk about how a new country called Catalonia was formed. We will talk about the special role of two women, Ermesenda and Almodis de la Marca, in the formation of Catalonia, an unusual event in the Middle Ages. We will talk about a love story that looks like a movie – but real – that has not yet reached the cinema.

We will explain how the tomb of Santa Eulalia was found. We will know that what they were the Usatges and treaties of Pau and Treva. We will speak of executioners. We will explain why in Catalonia the hardest feudalism of Europe was imposed. And we will know why we were pioneers in giving impulse to an incipient bourgeoisie (proto-bourgeoisie). We will talk about the power of the king and the church. We will understand the inquisition. We will talk about the world of the Jews, the civil power, the Generalitat and the Consell de Cent.

We wait for you all !!

  • State: DONE
  • Date: 21th  October, 2017
  • Time: From 10.00 to 11.30h
  • Contribution: 10€
  • Places: 12 persones
  • Language: Català/Castellà
  • Meeting point:  Plaça del vuit de març, Barcelona

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