How to capture your creativity on a painting

In this workshop, we will know, among other things, the methodology of work when dealing with a creative project. So, we’re going to talk about these  topics:

-Holdering supports: walls, canvases, where it will be painted.

– Belts that will be used: waxes, oil paintings etc

-The subject you want to paint: knowing what you want to paint is transcendental in order to make a good exposure

-Technical you want to use: pointilism, palette knife,etc.

-Sketch of those you want to draw

The workshop is offered by Margarita Ribas Galceran: owner of the applied arts school Galceran during 30 years where she also gave classes, host of the Muebles y tendencias  program of TVE produced by Pilar Miró and collaborator with Grife and Escoda, Moragas I Riba, as well as with Gil Ratier in Paris as art trader. He has also been exporting art to the United States and Europe.


  • State: DONE
  • Date:  16th of November, 2017
  • Schedule: From 11:00 to 13:30h
  • Contribution: 10€
  • Deadline day of booking: 15 de novembre de 2017
  • Places: 25 persones
  • Language: Català/Castellà
  • Meeting point: C/Calàndries, núm.7 baixos, Barcelona
  • FGC: Sarrià (sortida casa Orlandai)

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