The Masonry

In this cultural route will discover the Barcelona masonry, as much  interesting as little knowing. We Will see many buildings that was made on the 20th century have the mason symbology, will discover the meaning of this symbols, the influence of this movement on the society in different historical periods as well as historical characters that belonged or belong to this association.


We Will finish the route doing a visit to the library Arús, bequeathed posthumous of Rossend Arús (1845-1891) mason and founder of the library with more than 70.000 volumes devoted to the masonry and social movements.

The cost of this cultural route includes the €3 of the visit to the library Arús. Need the names and surnames of all those that come to reserve the entered the library as well as the library guide.

  • State: DONE
  • Date: 4th may 2017
  • Time: De 10:00 a 12:30
  • Booking limit: 28 april 2017
  • Price: 13€
  • Capacity: 12 people
  • Language: Català/Castellà
  • Meeting point:Plaça Pla del Palau, Barcelona
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