Sounds, smells and colors of the medieval Barcelona

An itinerary that will re-learn our city, take a language immersion and strengthen emotional ties between all participants.

We propose a tour of the scents, colors and sounds of medieval Barcelona, a city that tries to schedule an urban rhythm placing the first public clock. Do you want to know where? Discover the Square cabbage and cherries, where the brigands were executed … is a very active city, noisy and dirty …! Perhaps if you come with us, you should run when we hear the “thief bell ,” or someone will end up singing us an “albada.” All this while we recognize our city. We will discover and explain the most emblematic buildings and palaces.

Do you dare to dive into a journey through time?

What makes this activity unique and special? We will know the history, arts and legends of Barcelona that most of the tourist miss in their  itineraries.

What does the price of the activity cover? The tour itinerary (not including potential entry to museums and/or churches as well as the final brunch, if we decided to have it).

  • Status: DONE
  • Date: 18th of February  2017
  • Hours: From 10:30 to 12:30h
  • Contribution: 10 €
  • Capacity: 12 people
  • Language: Catalan/Spanish
  • Meeting point: Metro station Jaume I, Plaça de l’Angel, Barcelona.


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