Workshop: Coaching Wingwave

What is Wingwave?

The Wingwave or Ww Coaching is a methodology that is used to eliminate blockages that prevent achievement goals.

It is based on three pillars: “Test ring” (kinesiology test), E.M.D.R. (motion movement and reprocessing movement eyes) P.N.L. (neuro-linguistic programming). This technique was created by Cora Besser-Siegmund and Harry Siegmund.

Benefits of the workshop:

In the workshop the “Ring test” will be taught, which is used for self-knowledge, and how to apply Wingwave music to balance brain hemispheres and better manage emotions.


To whom is the workshop addressed?

To all the people interested in knowing new techniques to apply themselves to improve their psychological well-being



It is very practical. After briefly explaining the technique, practical exercises are done with music and without being able to make them at home easily.


The workshop will be taught by Dr. Jaci Molins Roca

Rehabilitation physician, master’s in family psychotherapy, master’s in coaching. Formed in Wingwave and other techniques. She is a trainer and writer. Founder of Coaching Health and member of the Coaching Catalunya team.

  • Status: DONE
  • Date: June 19, 2018
  • Schedule: 16:00 to 19:00 
  • Price: € 10
  • Booking day limit: June 18, 2018
  • Places: 15 people
  • Language: English/Catalan
  • Meeting point: Bookshop: “La Social”
  • Carrer de les Hortes, 5 ground floor, right door.
  • Subway: L3 (Green line) and L2 (Purple line), Paral.lel station.


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