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We always have willing Vennmonians to make sure we have a good time listening to their music. Everyone is welcome!

  • LUKE concert

    Status: DONE Date: 31 August 2015 Hours: 22:00 Price: € 6 Capacity: 50 people Language: English Meeting point: C / Mallorca, 369, Barcelona in the Trabanqueta Bar The vennmóniano Luke Standford give us a concert to commemorate the pop-rock music of the years 70-80. Luke, who is from New York, delight us with their songs [...] Continue Reading
  • Today we sing !! Karaoke!

    Status: DONE Date: 29 June 2016 Time: 21:00 Capacity: 12 people Language: multilinguistic Meeting place: A Viva Voz Live Music Another way to practice what you have learned during the exchanges is to sing songs in other languages. So that's what we do to welcome the summer holidays in Vennmón ... well, some better than [...] Continue Reading