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  • The medieval Barcelona of the Ribera neighborhood

    Come to discover the sounds, smells and colours of the medieval Barcelona on the neighborhood of La Ribera, where we will see the majestic Sta. Maria del Mar, discovers the "carasas" of the city, the magic sword of the Vilardell,  why of the name of Argenteria to one of the streets of the neighborhood, what [...] Continue Reading
  • The Jews, the Call from Barcelona

    In medieval Barcelona we find people from all over the world: Occitan, Spanish, French, English, Italian, etc. Most are Christians, but there is an important Jewish community that lives in the “Call”. Their relationships used to be more towards coexistence than to the conflict, however, there were no specific outbreaks of anti-Semitism, which led to [...] Continue Reading
  • The wall of the 13th century enclave and mysteries

    The Mysteries of the first medieval wall of Barcelona. Starting from the Plaza de Catalunya we will discover the hermit that found the Moreneta in Montserrat. We will go down the Ramblas, stopping at each of the medieval doors of the 13th century wall and the bridges with which the Riera de Mallá was raffled. [...] Continue Reading
  • The intense scent of the sea: La Barceloneta

    The Barceloneta was all water until the s. XVIII. The land that currently occupies the neighborhood has been created over time, beginning with the construction of a first dam in the s. XIV and the first port in the s. XVII when the island of Mayals was united to the city, where they placed the [...] Continue Reading
  • Paths of slaves

    There are two stages of slaves in Barcelona. One in the Middle Ages, when the slaves meant 10% of the city's population. The other is linked to the commercial activity that was generated with the American colonies at the end of the s. XVIII and in which the figure of "negrer" arose, who captured the [...] Continue Reading
  • Sounds, smells and colors of the medieval Barcelona

    An itinerary that will re-learn our city, take a language immersion and strengthen emotional ties between all participants. We propose a tour of the scents, colors and sounds of medieval Barcelona, a city that tries to schedule an urban rhythm placing the first public clock. Do you want to know where? Discover the Square cabbage [...] Continue Reading
  • Convents, factories and textile printing (Raval I)

    The neighbourhood of “Raval” is situated in the left side of the Rambles of Barcelona, limited by the Parallel and the Ronda Sant Pau and Sant Antoni, as well as for the street Pelai. The current configuration of the neighbourhood is intimately tied with to the roman domination, that determined the consolidation and new building [...] Continue Reading
  • History of Barcelona II

    Exploring the history of Barcelona II   We will leave the historical point from where we left, just at the end of the Muslim occupation in 801 a.C. In this second tour we will talk about how a new country called Catalonia was formed. We will talk about the special role of two women, Ermesenda [...] Continue Reading
  • Mysteries of Barcelona (III)

    We continue to discover the most unknown history of the city of Barcelona, through its mysteries, its legends and its ghosts. On this occasion we will stroll through the neighborhood of La Ribera, where we will discover the House of Loving Souls, the House of Exorcisms, the Pº of the Inquisition, the ghost of the El [...] Continue Reading
  • History of Barcelona (I)

    We propose you a walk in several stages (several days) where you will know the history of Barcelona walking among the different monuments and vestiges that explain it. We will try to follow a chronological thread, but it will not be quite possible since the monuments, of course, are not located in chronological order. Barcelona [...] Continue Reading
  • Modernisme 2, “Left extension 1”

    Status: DONE Date: July 23th, 2017 Hours: 10:30 to 12:00h Price:  10 € Capacity: 12 people Language: Catalan and Spanish Meeting point: Fnac, El triangle placa Catalunya 4. Barcelona Modernism is much more than an aesthetic trend, this first period is characterized by an occupation of space, dominated by an expanding residential character with low density and [...] Continue Reading
  • Woman, factory and family (I)

    The industrial revolution of the  XVIII and XIX century changed deeply not only the city of Barcelona, but also his society, specifically the role of the woman in the familiar core. Today we will resort the Neighbourhood of Sant Pere, to recognise these changes that  still visible on the city. State: DONE Date: 29th April 2017 [...] Continue Reading
  • The Masonry

    In this cultural route will discover the Barcelona masonry, as much  interesting as little knowing. We Will see many buildings that was made on the 20th century have the mason symbology, will discover the meaning of this symbols, the influence of this movement on the society in different historical periods as well as historical characters [...] Continue Reading
  • The Ramblas, a crossroad place

    Status: DONE Date: 11th of February 2017 Time: From 10.30 to 12.00h Price: 10€ Capacity: 12 people Language: Catalan-Spanish Meeting point: Canaletas fountain, Las Ramblas It treats of the first route to know and recognise the history and the art of the Barcelona walk for excellence: The Rambles. The first medieval wall of Barcelona, built to [...] Continue Reading
  • Explore the Arc of Triomphe and the Parc of Ciutadella

    Status: DONE Date: October 27th, 2014 Hours: 10:00 to 13:00h Price:  7 € Capacity: 12 people. Language: Catalan Spanish Meeting place: Arc of Triomphe This cultural route we will enter the 1888 International Exhibition in the sad history of the Citadel, talk about the monument to Napoleon, the modernist lampposts, statues of animals in the [...] Continue Reading
  • Behind the walls III

    Status: DONE Date: 20 October 2016 Hours: 10:00 to 13: 00h Deadline day of booking: 19th October 2016 Price: € 3 Capacity: 12 people Language: English Meeting point: Plaça Ramon Berenguer el Gran, Barcelona Barcelona was founded by the Romans in the first century BC and lived a tormented history. A story that, however, has elapsed [...] Continue Reading
  • The three hills of Barcelona

    Status: DONE Date:  October 4th,  2014 Hours: 10:00 to 13: 00h Price: 10 € Capacity: 12 people Language: Catalan Spanish Meeting place: Out of the metro, the Teixonera Coll. This cultural tour will visit the three hills of Barcelona, many of us still unknown. Knowing your history by strolling through the parks whilst enjoying stunning [...] Continue Reading
  • Women, factory and family (II)

    Status: DONE Date: Septemberl 5th, 2016 Horari: 9:00 a 14:00h Price: 25 € Places: limited. Language: Català Meeting point: Plaça Espanya Factories, shops, the architecture of the houses and public spaces adapt to changing social trends while the Industrial Revolution was already a fact. This tour aims to show the changes in a new concept [...] Continue Reading