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  • Measures of containment COVID-19

    As a result of activation coronavirus containment measures, Vennmón intercanvis lingüístics will be closed until further notice. On March 14, 2020, the containment measures announced by the Government of the Generalitat are: The Government of the Generalitat has announced the confinement of all Catalonia and it will ask the State to close ports, airports and [...] Continue Reading
  • Mysteries of Barcelona (III)

    We continue to discover the most unknown history of the city of Barcelona, through its mysteries, its legends and its ghosts. On this occasion we will stroll through the neighborhood of La Ribera, where we will discover the House of Loving Souls, the House of Exorcisms, the Pº of the Inquisition, the ghost of the El [...] Continue Reading
  • Raval II : “Terracotta and ornamental irons”

    The neighborhood of “Raval” is situated in the left side of the Rambles of Barcelona, limited by the Parallel and the Ronda Sant Pau and Sant Antoni, as well as for the street Pelai. The current configuration of the neighbourhood is intimately tied with to the roman domination, that determined the consolidation and new building [...] Continue Reading
  • Woman, factory and family (I)

    The industrial revolution of the  XVIII and XIX century changed deeply not only the city of Barcelona, but also his society, specifically the role of the woman in the familiar core. Today we will resort the Neighbourhood of Sant Pere, to recognise these changes that  still visible on the city. State: DONE Date: 23th November [...] Continue Reading
  • Table talks, English

    Contrasting views is always enriching and interesting. Vennmón's table talks can openly talk about any current topic, but attention !, all in English. It will be in situ where we will decide on the topic on which we will talk for two hours. We want to know what you think about all the issues and [...] Continue Reading
  • New calendar

    From now on, through the Vennmón calendar, you can check and save in your personal calendar all scheduled activities. We hope that this tool, created with the intention of helping you plan your time, will allow you to enjoy even more of our association. Go to Vennmón calendar Continue Reading
  • New group Greek/Catalan-Spanish

    The modern Greek, such knows it today, derives from the ancient Greek through the mediaeval Greek and is the official language of Greece and Cyprus, in addition to being one of the official languages of the European Union. This exchange of modern Greek will do on Thursdays in the schedules and place assigned. It does [...] Continue Reading

    Date: 23th April 2017 The “Floating library” was created to improve the venmonian experience. This library will help our vennmonians to evolve their chosen language while reading a great book. The majority of the books come from donations of our vennmonians. You can find a great range of themes where there are different levels of [...] Continue Reading
  • New group of English / Spanish-Catalan

    Language exchange   Date: September 5, 2016 Language: English / Spanish-Catalan Time: 10.00 h-12.00 h   Exchange rate: € 2 Places: 30 Location: Cafeteria library ALTAÏR, Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 616, 08007 Barcelona This exchange will be every Monday. Those who come to the opening day deliver them a voucher to attend free [...] Continue Reading
  • We have Instagram

    Social network Date: 28 July 2016 It was 4 pm and Helena seemed essential to have a Instagram account. So said and done, now you can follow us by clicking this link: Follow us on Instagram Continue Reading
  • Welcome to the new website.

    Date: September 5, 2016 Language: English / Catalan / Spanish This month of September 2016 opened the new Vennmón website. We do thank all vennmonians; you have given us the spirit to continue creating. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do (or have done) us doing it. Feel free to explore If [...] Continue Reading