The Ramblas, a crossroad place

It treats of the first route to know and recognise the history and the art of the Barcelona walk for excellence: The Rambles.

The first medieval wall of Barcelona, built to the 13th century, resorted The Rambla and continued roughly in the layout of the current street Fontanella and the Round of San Pedro to go down until the sea for Lluis Companions. With the intention of not limiting the communications between Barcelona and his surroundings, respected the path that traditionally went out of the city and placed the corresponding doors of access. For identical reasons, the layout of the second Wall of the Suburb to the rededor of the Suburb, also respected the roads of communication. All this gave place to the fact that the stretches of this path included in the place walled turned into the axes of the urbanizators.

of the mediaeval city in expansion. Still today, in spite of the transformations suffered, is possible to recognise easily his presence in the urban fabric of the city, a clear example of historical continuity in his urban development. Identify

In this route will identify the Portal of Saint Ana, the one of Portaferrisa, the one of the Boquería, the one of Trentaclaus and the one of Dockyards (Atarazanas). We will approach to the of Saint Madrona that it is the only that preserves in the actuality.
The fact to be conceived how the axis articulador of the relation between two parts of the city, has conditioned historically his development urbanístic. We Will discover the project of a real palace in the Rambla of Saint Mónica, the suburban character of the 14th and 15th centuries, the installation of the called “General Study” and other centres of education, the conventualización of the Rambla, the starts of the casting of artillery, the first theatre, the failure of the first Barcelonian walk that wanted situate in the Ribera and the attempt to convert the Dockyards in a Citadel.

  • Status: ACTIVE
  • Date: 06th of September 
  • Time: From 10.30 to 13.00h
  • Price: 12€
  • Capacity: 6 people
  • Language: Catalan-Spanish
  • Meeting point: Canaletas fountain, Las Ramblas


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