Measures of containment COVID-19

As a result of activation coronavirus containment measures, Vennmón intercanvis lingüístics will be closed until further notice.

On March 14, 2020, the containment measures announced by the Government of the Generalitat are:

  • The Government of the Generalitat has announced the confinement of all Catalonia and it will ask the State to close ports, airports and rail transport.

From March 14 and for a duration of 15 days:

  • Only one third of public transport is in service.
  • It is decreed to close:
    • large shopping areas, gyms, leisure venues, ski resorts and establishments that are not basic or non-food
    • bars, cafés, restaurants and other dining establishments
    • libraries and museums in Catalonia
  • Hunting are not allowed.
  • The vigil of the dead is suspended
  • In the field of social services:
    • the centers and services of the public social network are closed
    • activities in occupational centers are suspended
    • face-to-face visits of Technical Meeting Point Services are suspended
    • Freight traffic restrictions have also been lifted from March 14 to 28.
  • In addition, from Thursday, March 12, the confinement of people in the municipalities of Igualada, Òdena, Santa Margarida de Montbui, Vilanova del Camí has ​​been decreed.