El fantasma y el Bonesetter (S1)

The ghost and the Bone-Setter

Estat: Disponible

Idioma: Castellano

ID : A12

Gènere: Fantasia

Autor: Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu

EditorLa Vanguardia

Nº de pàgina: 59

Data de publicació: 2007


Part of Le Fanu’s earliest earliest twelve short stories, written between 1838 and 1840, they purport to be the literary remains of an 18th-century Catholic priest called Father Purcell. They were published in the Dublin University Magazine and were later collected as The Purcell Papers (1880). They are mostly set in Ireland and include some classic stories of gothic horror, with gloomy castles, supernatural visitations from beyond the grave, madness and suicide. Also apparent are nostalgia and sadness for the dispossessed Catholic aristocracy of Ireland, whose ruined castles stand as mute witness to this history. (less)


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