What is Vennmón?

Vennmón is an idea that has come to fruition. It offers you the chance to practice the languages you are studying or to brush up on those you’ve already learned so they don’t get rusty. Remember, if you don’t use it, you lose it! At Vennmón age, sex, nationality, social differences are not an issue – it’s a river formed of many drops of water; vibrant, energetic and alive.


To give you the opportunity to practice any language 6 days a week in different neighbourhoods in Barcelona and in different cities across the world. We want each and every one of you to feel part of the Vennmón family and to share your ideas, advice and suggestions with us to help us continue to improve.

What is a Vennmónian?

A Vennmónian is someone who wants to grow culturally by learning languages and exploring other cultures. Below we give you a look at some of our top Vennmónians who, apart from their passion for culture, collaborate on the creation of Vennmón events and language exchanges. Vennmón is an association open to anyone who wishes to participate, collaborate and grow.



Núria Mercader Rocosa


I’ve spent half my life travelling around and living in different countries, from Africa to Asia, taking in Europe, America and Oceania. I love meeting people, learning languages, discovering different cultures, traditions, etc. I have first-hand experience of how hard it is to improve fluency in newly-learned languages and that’s why I’m so enthusiastic about creating the Vennmón family, which I warmly welcome you to.

Joan Molas Quera

Joan Molas Quera

Social Media Planner

Languages, culture and ultimately people resulting from a multitude of socio-cultural processes have always attracted me. And this is what led me to undertake Corporate Communication Studies at the UOC and to get involved in social activities that have a positive impact on my immediate surroundings. Vennmón caters for all my interests, which is why I’m delighted to be able to collaborate on the media planning.


Etna Vilallonga Mercader

Graphic publicity designer and web page designer

I’m someone who is fascinated by everything the world can communicate to us and how we can perceive it through our senses and our minds. I consider myself an enthusiastic, dynamic and very strong person. Furthermore, I love my job and I really enjoy everything related to the world of design and illustration.




Collaboration space and culture

Altaïr is the perfect place for expanding your knowledge of different peoples, cultures and regions around the world. It is currently the largest bookshop in Europe that specialises in travel. Altaïr was established in Barcelona in 1979.